How You Can Use Sex to Show Your Man Your Love

It’s an age-old dilemma. For women, expressing love means saying things: talking about feelings, giving compliments, making plans. For men however, expressing love means doing things: putting gas in your car, washing the dishes, and yes, having sex.

By We-Vibe

What if women tried it the men’s way? With action rather than words.

How could you use sex to show your man how much you love him?

Before you begin, remember that for some men the line between having sex and making love is faint, so stay focused and take your time if you want to get the message across.

Firstly, it’s all about him.

Give him a special night in which you do things his way. Make his wants and needs the centre of your lovemaking on that night. Get rid of any distractions, both yours and his. Take the kids to your parents, turn off the computer, TV and phone. Get out his favourite relaxing beverage. Rub his back and shoulder. Your needs are important, and there’s no doubt they’ll be taken care of, but make this night your gift to him.

Provide plenty of eye-candy.

Wear something sexy. If you go out, wear the sexiest bra-and-panties, corset, or thigh-high stockings you can find, even if he’s the only one who knows what’s under your clothes. If you stay in…wear the sexiest bra-and-panties, corset, or thigh-high stockings you can find. It’s almost unanimous: men love lingerie. And their favourite colour is almost always black. Try something a little racy, a little naughty, and leave it on for as long as you can. Don’t forget the heels!

Take a risk.

Is there something he’s been wanting to try, but you’ve been hesitating? You should never do something you are truly uncomfortable with (and a lover worth his salt wouldn’t want you to), but if you’ve decided to give it a try, that’s a very male-friendly way to say “I love you.”

Act out his fantasy.

Does he dream of seeing you in character? Tell him all about an illicit encounter, even if you have to make up every lurid detail. Does he have a hot spot for redheads and you’re a blonde? Wear a realistic wig. Does he want you to dominate him? Take charge, and don’t cut him any slack.

Leave your insecurities at the door.

Insecurity is basically a self-centered emotion. No woman is perfect, but to obsess about it is to turn all your attention to yourself, and this night is supposed to be about how much you love him. And an amazing thing happens when you act strong and confident… you actually become strong and confident. And being confident is sexy.

There’s definitely some wisdom to the old adage, “Actions speak louder than words.” So if you’re generous with your man in the bedroom by showing him love in ways he’ll appreciate, you’ll likely find that he will get better at saying the things you want to hear.

So everyone is happy.

And in love.

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