We know you love your We-Vibe, and you love that it has 9 modes, but to some, not all modes were created equal…so we want to know which is your favourite mode?

Please take a quick second to tell us which mode is your #1. And feel free to add a comment if you have more details to share. Thanks!


3 Responses to Help us help you! Got a We-Vibe? What’s your favourite mode?

  1. I really like the high setting but my fav is usually ascend. For me its a tease every time it builds up and im about to cum then it drops back down. sometimes the wave and ramp are used this way too but are usually not strong enough.

  2. Ms. We-Vibe says:

    So you’re getting the tease from Ascend…Thanks for the feedback Naughty Kitty!

  3. My favorite setting is “High”, although I like to start off on the lower setting and let the We-Vibe work me up until I can’t take it anymore. The I flip the switch over to high and away we goOOOOO!!!

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