Women aren’t the only ones loving the We-Vibe. Designed for shared pleasure, the We-Vibe, has been embraced by both women and men alike.

Since our launch, men have been calling in and sending us notes from all around the globe giving thanks for the We-Vibe and what it’s done for their sex lives.

Beyond providing their women with the benefits of dual stimulation while they are making love, guys can’t seem to get enough of the vibes themselves.

“We LOVE our We-Vibe. It has definitely taken our love-making to new heights. The vibrations deliver a soothing warmth that envelops my entire body, and she cannot get enough! It’s by far the best birthday gift I ever bought her!”

“We bought the original We-Vibe last summer and we’ve never tried anything like it before. I can honestly say that she loves using it every single time. Also, I love the fact that it made our sex life even more fun and memorable.”

“The We-Vibe has been just the thing to put a little buzz back into the bedroom!”

With the addition of the We-Vibe, it sounds like these men and their partners get to enjoy sex more. Allowing them to also: enjoy more sex.

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