Happy International Women’s Day from the team here at We-Vibe!

What a long way women have come since International Women’s Day was first celebrated in 1911. Women today hold some of the highest elected positions in countries around the world and continue to make gains on the road to equal treatment and sexual freedom everyday.

Way to go ladies!

So, in honour of femininity and womanhood we are celebrating one month of women with feminine fun like informative articles, sexy facts and of course a chance to WIN the ultimate gift of pleasure with a …We-Vibe GIVEAWAY announcing the winner on “no housework day” April 7th – maybe we will rename it “no housework, all pleasure day” 🙂

What better way to celebrate women than the gift of shared pleasure?

Want to double your chances of winning???

Tell us why you, or the fabulous woman in your life, deserves to win! Enter your story about a phenomenal woman you think should win the We-Vibe and why and recieve a second entry for the giveaway!

Throughout this month long celebration, selected stories may be featured as tributes to wonderful women. So check back daily!

Well, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already done so, enter for your chance to win a We-Vibe here, and once again, Happy Day Ladies, this one is for you!

Don’t forget to submit your stories to increase your chances of winning! Click in the post a comment box below to share your story.

Be sure to add the email you used when you signed up for the contest to connect your ballots and DOUBLE your chances. All stories will be reviewed before posting and email addresses will be removed for privacy

Feel free to sign off with whatever name you like, maybe your own, maybe a SUPERWOMAN name? (have fun with it!)

Good luck! 

UPDATE! Vote for the most deserving woman!


145 Responses to Happy International Women’s Day!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Ms. We-Vibe,

    Poster # 7 here. I know I’ve already told you why I feel my girl deserves to be the gifted: she’s hard working; I’m loyal; she’s preparing to be a nurse; I’m in graduate school; she loves surprises; I love to surprise. Anyway, I’d like to share a recent experience. Last weekend we flipped a coin and let fate take us on an adventure, either a music festival in the woods or a nice weekend getaway. The festival won! But, alas, the night cold crept up on us and we didn’t have a tent =(. Great brewing: we retreated back to our vehicle, cranked on the heat, and got it on amidst with the music and the heat seeking happy campers reverberating in the background. What a treat it would have been to surprise her right then and there with your gift. We (could have been) vibing together all night long! Kudos on being the first to vibrate the design world with new ideas. Look forward to hearing from you!

    <3 xoxo
    Poster # 7

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would love to have this and surprise my husband with it! Our one-year wedding anniversary is in a few days, but with a 15-month-old, both of us working full time AND both of us currently living and working in two separate cities, our bedroom time is suffering [majorly]. My husband is also getting ready to leave for basic training VERY soon, and I won’t see him for at least three months. It would be nice to spend our last few days together exploring with the We Vibe and creating memories neither of us will forget! It will definitely make for one awesome Homecoming once he’s done with basic training as well. 🙂

  3. Lee says:

    My story is very simple. I just can’t last long enough with my girlfriend and I feel guilty about it. We’ve tried various things, and at least we talk about it, but I can see how much effort she’s putting in to be ‘content’.

    So we spotted the We-Vibe. I think it would save us! And I wouldn’t feel so guilty and it would take the pressure off. They’re just so expensive in South Africa though… (More expensive than an iPod!)

    So my only way to get one really, is to win one! Yay me!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh dear God please pick me!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I want one for my girlfriend – well I wanted anything, but a vibrator is simply too intimidating for me! I’m always the one satisfied in bed, but she is always left wanting more. The We-Vibe would be perfect to level the playing the fields, and she can be completely satisfied!

    I’m starting to think about selling my stuff to pay for one!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Vibrators are too intimidating, this would be just what I need!

  7. Lelo says:

    My boyfriend refuses to get a vibrator because he is scared he’ll be replaced! This is my only solution that will make both of us happy. Well, very very happy!

  8. Anonymous says:

    As far as color goes, pink and purple are my least favorite colors, as I associate them with the gender stereotyping of ‘girls toys’ that I always hated so much as a kid. hehe. (the ultimate girl’s toy, comes in purple).

    I like pearlized colors, which can make buff, yellow, teal, even green all look very sexy and appealing. Even black and white would be ‘nice’. I know the material used has a lot to do with what kind of colorings would ‘work’ but… the we-vibe seems like such a revolution in sex toys, really looking at what women want, not what they are expected to want. So, why not break the mold when it comes to color, as well? 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have the best girlfriend in the world, she is always interested in what I have to say. She allows me to be open and hones with her often and always remembering what I have said and taking it into consideration. She always adds great input, and always seems ecstatic about my life. Also, she is always interested in what interests me even football. She is completely Tuned in to my sex needs and likes to talk about it, at the same time she is sexually spontaneous and adventurous and even do we have been together a few years she always goes all out looking great putting on the right outfit and taking care of herself. she is a best friend even do she is 20 years younger than me. So you see I don’t just want to win this price I need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have been with the same great guy for 25 years. We have always shared a great sex life. This June we are off to celebrate 20 years of marriage in Italy and the WE-Vibe would be a nice addition to 2 weeks of fun and love.

  11. CE says:

    I would love to win a We Vibe II as there is really no way I could purchase one at its current price. After marrying young, have a baby and getting divorced all by the age of 22, now at 25 I have finally met the man of my dreams. Our life is great and he is wonderful in the bedroom and the first man to actually want to ‘take care of me’ in the bedroom. Still I have never had a G spot orgasm and of course, like anyone else would love to know how it feels.

  12. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I are just rediscovering our sex life after being through so much together, including 5 pregnancies. I recently almost lost my life due to complications after surgery. It really makes you cherish every moment you have together. It seems we can’t get enough of each other and I really think the We-Vibe would really spice things up even more.

  13. Ms. We-Vibe says:

    Wylie Koyote! Definitely the best name yet!

  14. Ms. We-Vibe says:

    Great insight, thanks for that!
    Anybody else? Favourite colours?

  15. Ms. We-Vibe says:

    You might have to try harder than that 🙂

  16. yo says:

    please give me a we-vibe!

  17. Wyliekyotee says:

    I’m hoping this is were we submit our story as why we … or she deserves a free gift…

    As her boyfriend, from what I have read and have perused in many attempts, is the illustrious G-spot orgasm for my woman.

    For many years, the clitoris had been mysterious, but now the G-spot is where she can experience the ultimate orgasm. I’ve had different degrees of luck in finding and stimulating that illusive spot. I believe this will enhance our quest.

    Warmest Wishes
    Wylie K

  18. sherazade says:

    I deserve the we-vibe II because on April 7th it’s my birthday. My boyfriend and I have been together since 3 years. We tried some erotics games, but we are ready for something new. We both are in graduate school, we work late at night and early in the morning. Something new to play might help us to share time together instead of working on our laptops…

  19. Abby says:

    Well here is my reason why I think I should win this! I just had my first child and everyone says that im a wonderful mother. I love my son and my boyfriend! Hes an amazing dad. I have been with him for 3 years now and gave him his son! Hes very happy that our first born was a boy. So anyway we make everything about our son and we need some alone time! I think that this would be the perfect “toy” to get back to the fun love making! We just have been so focused on our son that we need to refocus things on us a little too!! Also Im blessed enough to stay home with my son until he gets a little older so I dont have too much money to spend on myself! Thanks ladies!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I am currently in a long distant relationship and it gets very lonely at times. Ive tried other G spot toys but none of them has really excited me. I really want to try the We Vibe. I need a toy that can spice up my life.

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