Thinking of the classic roses-and-chocolate combo for your love this February 14?

If we consider the stats, you’re quite likely to either give or receive this romantic duo: 64% of men will buy roses for their partners this year, along with 36% of women. Over [USD] $3.5 billion is spent on flowers and candy alone each year.

For those of you wondering how the numbers stack up this Valentine’s, read on…

  • $18.6 billion: The total estimated amount spent on Valentine’s Day gifts in 2013.
  • $1.6 billion: The amount spent on candy.
  • $1.9 billion: The amount spent on flowers.
  • 50 million: The average number of roses given for Valentine’s each year.
  • 51%: The percentage of consumers who buy red roses to give their partners.
  • 151 million – The approximate number of cards exchanged.
  • 85%: The percentage of people who consider sex an important part of Valentine’s.

Don’t be another number this Valentine’s Day! Give a gift that stands out from the crowd. Be her best Valentine – because We-Vibe 4 puts you on top.

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