For those of you shaking your heads, denying the possiblity of giving a woman multiple orgasms, we’ve got news for you: it’s possible and it’s worth it.

Here’s a couple tips to help you master her body and what makes her react and then work it like a cycle.The simple answer to helping your woman achieve orgasm is balance.

Women, like men, are covered in nerve endings. Luckily for men, they don’t all need to be stimulated to achieve orgasm. In fact, reknowned sexpert Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, who once said that 75% of men can ejaculate within two minutes.

As we all know that stat doesn’t apply to women, the one consistency we know is that women need three things to get off.  The right balance of these efforts, is the path that leads to the inevitable threshold that is orgasm.

1. Foreplay: Studies consistenly show that women whose partners devote time and energy to foreplay have concsistently higher rates of successful orgasm.  Mix up a combination of your hands, tongue and body weight (pressing against her pelvic bone)

2. Patience: Once the windows start steaming up its tempting to jump the gun and initiate intercouse. But if you can stave off this action for a little longer, the tension will build. Plus, the clitoris is exceptionally sensitive, and it needs to be properly prepped for the extreme stimulation.This can best be achieved by focussing on the other parts of her body and periodically re-visiting her nether-regions. Gradually building the anticipation. 

3. Dual Stimulation: Whether its time to get to the main act, or simply stick to play, simaultaneous stimulation of the gspot and clitoris is often the key to the final barriers to orgasm and multiple orgasm.The Clitoris, with twice as many nerve endings as the penis, is the most sensitive external part of a womans body. And the gspot, tucked just inside the upper wall of the vagina, is the most sensitive part of the vaginal canal. The combination of their stimulation can be overwhelming, so be gentle.

Once you master this balance, she will be putty in your hands. And the thing about the female  body, is that although she may be SUPER sensitive right after orgasm and hesitatnt to continue, that feeling fades quickly and that’s your window to the multiple.


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