Since what feels like the dawn of time, we have speculated, studied and debated the differences and similarities between men and women. And the more we learn, the clearer it becomes that the two genders are really quite alike, psychologically and behaviorally. But there was never much dispute over how we differ biologically. The male and female anatomies are fundamentally different – aren’t they?

A new article published by Psychology Today outlines the parallels between the male and female sex organs – specifically, those that give pleasure.  Both genitalia develop from the same embryonic cells, and are wired into the nervous system in the same way. While neither gender can really know what certain stimulation feels like for the other, it appears as if there are biological similarities between men and women after all! So, if you’ve ever wondered about the male equivalent of the G-spot, read on…

  • Clitoris = The Head of the Penis

The same group of embryonic cells develops into either the clitoris or the head of the penis, depending on the gender of the fetus. So touching a clitoris on a woman is like the equivalent of stroking the head of a man’s penis. The only difference is that the clitoris has almost double the number of nerve endings and is a tenth of the size, making it a lot more sensitive. So bottom line: gentler is always better with the clitoris!

  • Inner Vaginal Lips, Clitoral Shaft, G-Spot = The Penile Shaft

Similarly, the cells that become the penile shaft in men develop into the vaginal lips, clitoral shaft and G-spot for women. Like the penile shaft, these areas are sensitive and contain erectile tissue. As women become aroused, this tissue causes a small ‘erection’ in the inner lips; this opens up the vulva and allows for better accessibility to the vagina during intercourse.

  • Outer Vaginal Lips = Scrotum

You guessed it – these two share the same embryology as well. Touching the outer lips can resemble what stroking the scrotum feels like to men.

  • Vagina…?

Despite its identity as the best-known female sex organ, the vagina actually has less to do with erotic pleasure than it does reproduction. It contains relatively few nerve endings compared to the clitoris and vaginal lips. The vagina plays a role in stimulation only really because the G-spot is located inside it, and for men, because it receives the penis during intercourse.

The vagina doesn’t actually develop from the same embryonic sexual tissues referenced above. In men, these tissues simply dissolve.

Want to learn more? Read the original article here.


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