After such an overwhelming response of stories to our Celebrating Women Giveaway we have decided to add another We-Vibe to the contest but we need your help picking the winner! For the full scoop, you can read their stories below.

We have narrowed it down to our top 5 stories each with a different and convincing pitch. The full stories are below (these stories are from this blog post.) The poll closes April 15th, 2010 at midnight.

You be the judge.

Robbed of their box of goodies: “When my wife and I moved into our new house, someone walked off with the box containing all of our ‘bedroom supplies’. It was a major blow, not just for the invasion of our privacy and the toys lost, but for the happy memories attached to those otherwise inanimate pieces of silicone, plastic, and glass. Now we are slowly re-building our collection. This shared toy would be a perfect morale booster for my wife and me.”

Blue-collar man trying to reward hard working wife:
My wife deserves more than a We-Vibe II, but it’s a start. My job requires me to away from home for two weeks at a time. While I’m gone my wife takes care of everything; our two boys, the house, the yard, three dogs, cleaning, even home repair! By the time I get home from the field, she is worn out. I would love to surprise her and re-energize her with a We-Vibe. She is deserving of that and more.” 

Help my girlfriend pass law school: “My girl is currently in law school. She is usually buried in some book or cases she’s copied. The times we’ve had together over the weekends have become boring, so I really want to surprise her with the We-Vibe and make her look forward to our day together. It might even help motivate her through her studies. Please help a guy out with his weekends and help his girl pass law school!” 

Ms Curious Canuck and her Prudish Partner: “I am a 46 year old mother of 3 who has never used a sex toy. I work in a very high stress level job and want to add something extra to my life. I shared my interest in this with my partner and to my surprise he is very interested. My prudish partner who wont even talk dirty to me in bed is interested in sharing a sex toy with me! Will wonders never cease! This might be just what I need to get my toes wet ;-)” 

Celebrate 25 years of marriage: “This September I will have been married for 25 years…to the same man!!! I think we deserve a medal, but failing that a We-Vibe would be the next best thing. Something that we can both share on that special weekend of celebration. Oh, and purple is my favourite colour, so this just has to have been made for me!”

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8 Responses to Who most deserves to win the We-Vibe?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was on the verge of divorce….my story was awesome 🙁 wish i won at least top 5…… if I have to vote….the 25 yrs of marriage is my pick! Comeon guys, you coulda narrowed it down better than that!

  2. We(e)Hoooo Crew says:

    Sorry we missed entering our submission by the deadline, but thought we’d share it with you anyway!! We are coming up on our 25th anniversary (known each other for 40 years!). Never having used anything like this, and after having a friend rave about theirs over Easter weekend, we decided this would be like adding a good wine to a great meal: it would enhance an already fabulous experience! So, here is what we wanted to submit:
    There once was a couple ~ nearing 50
    Who’s sex life was really quite nifty,
    When their We-Vibe came along
    They both broke out into song,
    Praising this toy and the company for their we(e) gifty!!

  3. MANGO says:

    Nothing better than rewarding a woman who has your back (and front)!

  4. Anonymous says:


    I am very happily married and my husband and I decided when we married that we would have a weekend for “us” at least every 2 months. This is my second marriage and I knew that devoting time for us as a couple is very impartant.

    Our lives are busy with jobs, home, children and adorable grandchildren but we still try to devote time to each other.

    We could really use a We-vibe to help this grandmother achieve the too often elusive orgasms.

    Please pick me!

  5. Ms. We-Vibe says:

    If we could award all the touching stories we would. There were so many stories submitted it was REALLY hard to narrow it down but did our best to pick 5 stories that were uniquely different from one another. We will surely have more chances to win, so do stay tuned!

  6. Fred says:

    I would like to add some more details to the story of our stolen “goodies”. Last year my wife and I celebrated our 30th anniversary without our “good friends”. We had acquired most of them after my prostate cancer treatment several years ago, which made it more difficult for me to satisfy her the old-fashioned way. I had not even known that such a thing as the We-Vibe existed until I started looking online for something to surprise her with. I was absolutely floored by the idea of a toy that we could share in such a natural way. I have been sharing the knowledge with everyone else on the cancer forums that I frequent. Thank you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So happy that these guys get to experience the We-Vibe. I own a Passion Parties business and we sell them in our line. When I get to We-Vibe in my demo I call it “My new Little baby”. This toy is amazing! I love how everyone looks at it in disbelief then as I pass it around they are instantly sold aftr feeling how powerful the vibrations are in such a little thing. I think it’s going to be a long time favorite!

  8. I’d definitely pick the victims of Dildo Robbery – these poor people are truly deserve a consolation prize :))


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