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Articles written or heavily featuring guest authors.


Frozen Muffin Moments and Sex – Lessons in Strengthening and Supporting your Spouse by Dr. Trina Read

October 8, 2010

My husband took the homemade frozen muffins on the bright blue IKEA plate, placed them in the microwave, turned to me and asked, “How long should these be in the microwave?” Innocent enough question. But I was up at 3:00 … read more


What I learned from my Six Month Sex Challenge – Dr. Trina Read Guest Post

September 23, 2010

Time for another expert introduction! After Dr.Trina Read had her second son, she made a commitment to making sex a priority in her life and started herSix Month Sex Challenge: For six (tired, busy, drained) months (right after her son was born) … read more


A Modern Day Bag of Goodies – “In the Next Room”

September 16, 2010

You don’t have to be a theatre enthusiast to figure out what goes on in Sarah Ruhl’s much hyped “In the Next Room” (or “The Vibrator Play”).  Exploring how women (like men) need sexual fulfillment to achieve balance, the play tells … read more


Oprah Calls on Writers of MOREGASM for Love Advice

August 20, 2010

Congrats to our friends at Babeland for their recent appearance in O Magazine! The article, entitled “How to Eat, Pray and Love at Home”, offers tips for self-fufillment and quotes MOREGASM authors Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah reminding us all … read more


Dr.Trina – Guest Blog: The Truth About Being Sexy

July 20, 2010

“Sex appeal is 50 percent what you’ve got and 50 percent what think you’ve got.” Sophia Loren I bet you believe a dreadful myth that has been circulating for far too many years: people are born sexy. Think about it. … read more


Dr. Ava Cadell – The Loveologist Guide to Sexual Positions

June 21, 2010

Dr. Ava Cadell from the University of Loveology has put together her own Kama Sutra. She divides this helpful document into sections by masturbation, outercourse and both male and female centric positions. The full guide is attached as a pdf. … read more

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