Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross

Earlier this summer, we created a Facebook poll, asking whether female sexual liberation still had a long way to go. An overwhelming majority of responses said, “yes, there is still a lot of work to do.”

When we asked this question, we were inspired by the work of Betty Dodson – a key player in the sex-positive feminist movement that strives to liberate women’s sexual freedoms. We-Vibe recently supported Betty’s and Carlin Ross’ (entrepreneur and sexpert) documentary project highlighting two decades of Betty’s inspiring “bodysex” workshops: two day sessions made up of small groups of woman exploring feelings about their bodies and sex.

Because she’s such an inspiration, we were delighted to discover that Betty loves the We-Vibe II! Betty recently reviewed it, calling it “My-Vibe” as she took us through her first date with the toy. She was instantly attracted to its design, claiming that it was “something I have been promoting for more years than I can remember” – a vibrator with dual sensations for a woman’s ultimate pleasure. Her first date ended with an instant love connection! And even a promise of a second date with We-Vibe’s Tango and Salsa, which she describes as “sleek vibes that pack a punch.”


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