With the popularity of books like “Fifty Shades of Grey” and movies like “Hysteria,” It’s not surprising the popularity of vibrators is at an all-time high.  Indeed, sex toys are no longer taboo and are increasingly embraced by the mainstream.   In fact, more than half of American women have experienced a vibrator at some time in their lives.

Vibrators are a provocative way to amplify the stimulation from a partner or to spice things up before – or during – sex.

To those in the “know,” a vibrator is not a remedy for inadequacy but rather a fun way to rev up your sex life.  Vibrators like Thrill by We-Vibe work to increase your sexual desire and likelihood of achieving orgasm.

Psychology Today notes:

In the Indiana study, compared with women who never used vibrators, those who did reported greater likelihood of orgasm, greater sexual desire, easier arousal, more self-lubrication (meaning less discomfort during intercourse), and equal or better sexual satisfaction.

“What makes the Thrill vibrator different than other sex toys is the scientific design to provide the perfect positioning while allowing for comfort of use. The ergonomic handle makes the Thrill vibrator easy to hold and thrust in and out for orgasmic penetration.” ”  – Holistic Wisdom Review  on Blogger.

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