What’s your New Year’s resolution? Are you going to cut down on sweets, quit coffee, or paint the porch? At We-Vibe, we think it’s time to make some resolutions that are actually fun to keep. Here is sexpert, syndicated advice columnist, TV & radio host, and author Josey Vogels’ ideas for some Sex Resolutions in 2012.

1. Try something new. Buy a vibrator; have sex outside the bedroom – as long as it’s outside your usual sexual limit. This will break the routine and dispel the fear that getting a little kinky once in a while is somehow dangerous. 

2. Speak up about your sexual needs, desires, and encourage your partner to do the same. Start a weekly sexual revelation ritual: You show me one thing you like/don’t like and I’ll show you one too.

3. Do something sexually just for your partner. Indulging your partner will make them feel special and loved. As a bonus, you may discover things you never knew you’d enjoy.

4. Take quality over quantity. Stop reading all those surveys that make you think everyone else is having way more sex than you are. Are you two happy with your frequency? The quality? If you’re not, talk about it and figure something out. If you are, I don’t care how often you’re doing it – and neither should you.

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