You don’t have to be a theatre enthusiast to figure out what goes on in Sarah Ruhl’s much hyped “In the Next Room” (or “The Vibrator Play”).  Exploring how women (like men) need sexual fulfillment to achieve balance, the play tells the story of how vibrators and sex toys came to be in the Victorian-era as a treatment for hysteria! 

TBD Arts Online posted thoughts from Kathy Holt, a Passion Party consultant, who recently attended the show and noted that the “tools” they were using back then are frightening compared to the delicate, safe and technically advanced toys we have today.*

 “I thought, ‘My God these are companies that make blenders.’ … That was the early stages. Things have been refined over time, thank God.”

Holt then defines what she would prescribe for modern day hysteria and recommends the We-Vibe as “treatment”. 


Read the full story here

 *Interesting tidbit: Even before these, there were steam powered vibrators!


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