We all get into patterns. It’s natural.  But, sex can get “ho-hum” when routine kicks in — but here are some ways to reinvigorate your sexual repertoire.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait – Try delaying “the main act” for a change of pace.  Explore your partner’s body to find areas that get him or her really turned on— you’ll build anticipation and ultimately intensify the end pleasure.

Shake Things Up – In a rut? Check out the We-Vibe Playbook for some inspiration.   A “Spoonful of Sugar” may not make the medicine go down, but it will give you an exciting new position versus your standard go-tos!

Plan a Sex Date – Relationship expert Trina Read often counsels patients to schedule time for sex. Text or email love notes throughout the day to build excitement. By the time you meet, you will both be that much closer to an intense climax.

Power of Touch – When your partner is focused on your pleasure, try stroking his or her hair. Touch allows you to stay connected throughout. When you’re ready to share the love, try the We-Vibe 3 — it’s designed to intensify the love-making pleasure for both of you.



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